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Wedding-dress-too-tight-around-waist, wedding warning: don't freak out after at your first wedding dress fitting, when this happens! my new friend cassie had a tiny little bridal meltdown after her first wedding dress fitting. by kim .... Sometimes a bride gains weight after her final dress fitting and before her wedding. other times, the dress arrives and she realizes it's one size too small, but it is too late to order a replacement dress that will arrive in time for the wedding., my wedding dress fits me too tight around the waist!!? i tried on my wedding dress yesterday and when i tried to zip it up it wouldn't zip. i finally got it to close with help from my sister but im worried because when i tried on two months ago it fit perfectly. now it fits me but its extremely tight around the stomach and waist..

I just had my second fitting on saturday and have been feeling really uneasy about my dress ever since. i am hoping that my fellow knotties can give me honest feedback. in my first fitting, they had to take in the waist by about 1.5 inches and let out the hips by about 1 inch. when i showed up on saturday, there were these little bunches of fabric,one by my waist and the other by my hips. the ..., how to take in a dress at the waist. don't throw out the baggy dress that's been hiding in the back of your closet! take in the waist to improve the fit and you'll feel like you've got a brand new dress. you can pin excess fabric along the....

The truth behind why wedding dress sizes run small. you’re shopping for a dress for one of the most important days of your life. you want to feel beautiful and fabulous in it, right? ..., the shop needs to see the actual dress and see how it currently fits your body to determine exactly what needs to be done and give an accurate estimate. describing the dress over the phone is really not very helpful, especially since some less-scrupulous brides lie about how much work needs to be done on the dress in order to get a lower quote..

Need to freshen up your little black dress with some sexy flair? is that bridesmaid dress just a little too tight across the chest? try spicing up your old dresses--and making them a little more comfortable--with a corset-style back., "letting out" a dress means that you are going to make it bigger by using fabric from the seam. it is called ‘letting out’ because you are ‘letting’ the fabric ‘out’ of the seam. seams are the leftover fabric on the other side of the stitching that holds a garment together..

Making clothes bigger. above the waist. 1. do you have a top or dress that is too tight around the bust? if there is a zip in the back, unpick the zip or undo the centre back seam, or if there is no centre back seam - mark down the centre back and cut.